Historic Carnival of Castignano: A walk through time, a masked ball!

Historic Carnival of Castignano: A walk through time, a masked ball!

TheHistorical Carnival of Castignano continues unabated. After last Saturday’s opening with the market-exhibition of typical sweets carnivals and the concert of “I puppets”, is repeated on Saturday 23 with the second scheduled event, an appointment that has been fixed for a while now of years in the carnival schedule of the small Piceno village.

In fact, it will be the turn of the themed masquerade ball at the premises underlying Piazza San Pietro, in the historic center of the town, called “the caves”. On this occasion, the choice of theme fell on past: in fact, with the title “A walk through time..” the evening includes a free masquerade starting from prehistory up up to our days, passing through Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, medieval and renaissance, etc..

You can then choose your favorite era, era or period, to wear a suitable dress and attend this extravagant party, which as always promises to be very crowded and much appreciated, for its originality themes, always different, for the very particular location e suggestive, for the festive and at the same time welcoming atmosphere of the Castignanesi, so tied to tradition and carnival revelry.

A sort of competition a prizes, with up for grabs 2 free entrance tickets to the Saturday 2 February (Teatro Comunale) for the mask that will be chosen as the nicest/original of the party.  In short, from 23.00 until late at night, with free and free admission, in the “caves” of Castignano, fun will be guaranteed.



September 2023
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